Yeonimi Park, a Voice for the Voiceless in North Korea

Park Yeoni-Mi was born in Hyesan North Korea on the 4th of October 1993, where she had a modest life with her small family until her father was imprisoned for smuggling metals to china in order to feed his family. When her father was in jail, she became the daughter of a prisoner and was subjected to a hard life. Park, her mother and sister feared starvation which forced them to think of escaping the harsh life and dictatorship in North Korea into China. Her sister escaped into china days before them without informing anyone but they lost touch with her which prompted them to go in search. The good life anticipated in China was not to be. Once there, one of the traffickers threatened to report them unless Park offered to have sex with him. Park’s mother pleaded with him and offered herself instead. She was raped as her daughter watched. They were later sold into human trafficking where Park had to become a mistress to the man who bought her in order to protect her mother and father. She was able to bring her ailing father along later on. After a long and hallowing experience in China she together with her mother were able to settle down in South Korea where she started her life as an activist. Declared as a North Korea defector, Park in her new book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom available on Amazon, shares her hallowing ordeal and reveals some of the intimate and shameful details she had not shared with anyone in the past in order to protect her family. She talks about her escape from North Korea through the mountains and crossing ice cold rivers with her mother to a better life in China that was never to be. She also talks about how she had to bury her father’s remains secretly after he succumbed to colon cancer because they could not risk being found out by authorities in China. The book also reveals the hardships people have to live with in a country where you are not allowed to think for yourself. According to Park those who refuse to follow orders are subjected to untold suffering, some being tortured to death. This book talks about the journey of a decent family that had to suffer and go through untold misery, just like many other defectors are forced to when searching for a better life.

Purina-Reaching Out a Helpful Paw

Purina Petcare is a business that strives to better the livelihood of pets and their owners. Through purposeful outreach they are strengthening the bond between animals and humans every day. With a bevy of pet-lovers and animal enthusiasts on staff, the company makes it their goal to provide pets with nutritional options that will improve their minds and bodies. Years of dedicated research, stringent ingredient testing and a driving passion for pet health has enabled Purina News PetCare’s aspirations to enrich the lives of two-legged and four-legged friends everywhere.

Experts in the Pet Food Industry

Serving families and pets for over 80 years, Purina PetCare has gone above and beyond to produce quality products that satisfy pets and their health-conscious owners. Involved scientists and nutritionists employed by the company pool their endless resources of knowledge and expertise together formulating food products that produce pet-energizing results. The longevity of pets’ lives and the vital role they play in bringing happiness to their loved ones is a precious commodity. Compiled of concerned individuals whose overall goal is to provide health and happiness to communities by caring for animals, the Purina PetCare company knows what is truly important.

Paw-some Products

Popular Products for Dogs

•Puppy food
•Senior dog food
•Dry dog food

Popular Products for Cats

•Kitten food
•Senior cat food
•Wet-canned cat food
•Sensitive systems cat food
•Dry cat food
•Natural cat food

Beggin’ for the Spotlight

The Purina PetCare products stand out for their tasty animal treats and the health benefits they provide their furry consumers, but as of late Purina has been making a statement in other ways as well. Last year when the dog snacks commercial titled “I Get Beggin'” aired during the Grammys, no one, not even Purina PetCare could predict the amount of popularity the engaging video would accrue. Starring a hungry corgi, Beggin’ dog snacks, and attention-grabbing lyrics, viewers couldn’t get enough of “I Get Beggin'”. Receiving over 950,000 views on a popular social media website only days after airing, Purina’s fun-loving commercial captivated the mainstream media.

Purina-Pure Outreach

Sharing the light of kindness and generosity to communities and their pets, Purina PetCare donated over 7 million dollars in 2014 to charities supporting both pets and people. Benefiting America as a whole they manufacture their products almost entirely in the United States, creating great employment opportunities for Americans. Not only are they helping local communities, Purina is focused on keeping staff happy and healthy. The company allows its employees to bring their pets to the job site. Their actions are redefining and transforming the limiting concepts associated with what makes a successful professional setting. Good productivity isn’t dependent on restrictive environments. Purina PetCare celebrates creative freedom.

CipherCloud Has Always Been Trying To Do Things Right

CipherCloud is a very smart company that many people have come to trust to keep them safe. The company knows how best to do things to keep people safe when they are on the internet, and it is a company that has been doing many good things since it first came out. People see it for all that it is doing, and many people have begun to back it. They love that it cares so much about keeping everyone safe while they are online, and they love that it is a company that is working hard to improve the things that it is doing all of the time.

CipherCloud was founded in 2010, and since then many people have begun to use it and trust it for the service that it is giving them. They are happy with how secure they feel when they are protected by it, and they know that CipherCloud is going to continue to be there for them as time goes on. The company has many smart and ambitious people working for it, and the CEO has even received awards for the good work that he has done for the company. Whenever any kind of company is wanting to succeed, it is going to have to know that the people who are backing it are standing behind it and doing all that they can to make it better, and that is one of the reasons that CipherCloud has been able to do so well.
Whenever anyone needs a company to be there for them to help them to be as secure as possible when they are going on the internet, they are going to want to look to CipherCloud for the kind of service that it offers. It is a company that has always been determined to do things right, and that is a great thing to see.

Facts About CCMP Capital You Never Knew

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a global equity firm that has invested not less than $16 billion in growth equity and buyout transactions. Since it was started, the firm has leveraged the combined strength of its huge operating resources and experience in the industry to make reasonable and concrete investments. The firm investments $100 million to $500 million in each transaction in companies not less than $250 million in size. The firm also operates on diversification solutions to companies that are owned by founders and it also has a firm commitment to making management buyouts and corporate curve outs an easy affair.

CCMP Capital also helps in companies ownership from private to public or vice-versa. All through its operations, it has been very instrumental in helping businesses grow and helping make capital structures equal. The firm has deep experience and it is a product as a result of its significant transactions in the four major sectors it invests in. It has been investing in these sectors for a long time in different financial conditions and varying market conditions. The firm’s deep understanding of the opportunities and issues within the industries has managed to put it at the top place when matters related to being a respected partner of choice are concerned.

CCMP is well known to make investments in consumer and retail, healthcare, energy and in industries. The firm was formed in the year 2006 so as to continue with the investment strategy set by J.P Morgan Partners. The firm is trusted by many established as well as successful partners who are already in the private equity class. The best thing with it is the fact that it has a wide variety of partners for any company looking for a specific one to easily get. It also has professionals who are at all times committed to seeing to it that things work the way they are supposed to.

Fondly referred to friends and colleagues as Steve, Stephen Murray used to be a successful philanthropist and private equity investor. At the time of his sad demise, he was the Chief Executive Officer and President of CCMP Capital. He was a graduate of Boston College with an Economics degree. He also earned his Master in Business Administration from the Columbia Business School.

He made his career debut at Manufacturer’s Hanover Corporation and later moved on to MH Equity Corporation. He was a seasoned investor and an active team player who never shied away from making phenomenal business decisions. He was also sitting in many companies boards before his demise. He was a man known by many as reliable, philanthropic and wise. Colleagues at CCMP and all his other business circles will no doubt miss his wisdom.

Looking After a Dog’s Health by Looking Into His Meals

There’s something wonderful about the relationship between any person and his or her pet. But there’s something especially powerful about the bond which forms between a dog and a human being. One of the biggest components to this is simply how long dogs and humans have been together. It’s estimated that humans and canines first formed a relationship between each other around 32,000 years ago. Saying that this is a rather long time to form a true emotional bond is an understatement. There’s aspects of nonverbal communication with humans which dogs can understand that even the great apes can’t. But this bond shouldn’t be taken lightly. In large part humans are responsible for the divergence between dog and wolf. And in taking them out of their natural environment one also takes responsibility for their health. And most dog owners do put a lot of care into ensuring that their dog goes to the vet, gets to take regular walks, etc. But what a lot of people forget about is how important meals are to any living being’s health from Beneful on petco.

Every dog owner should consider what the average dog’s meal is like. Most dogs wake up with their owner. The person they love most in the world proceeds to cook up some really amazing things. The dog’s powerful sense of smell is able to pick up every wonderful scent in the air. The cooking eggs, the tangy smell of bacon, the crisp grainy goodness of toast which will be slathered with wonderful toppings. The dog gets to smell all of those wonders. And those amazing things are then removed by the person they love and replaced with a bowl of bland and tasteless nuggets in a bowl. Saying this is bad for a dog’s spirit is an understatement. And that in turn is bad for a dog’s overall health. Obviously they’re grateful for the attention and what food they get. That’s the wonderful thing about dogs. But they still get to wake up to deprivation every day. And those bland meals take a toll in other ways. They’re usually working on formulations which are downright archaic. People had hardly even investigated any aspect of canine nutrition when those recipes were created. They usually lack both taste and nutrition. Thankfully there are some dog food manufacturers who have decided to concentrate on both.

One of the most powerful combinations of taste and nutrition comes from the Beneful brand of dog food. There’s a few different reasons for this. But one of the most significant comes from the realization that dogs want real food. Just as in the previous example, they realized that dogs were craving the items on the family table rather than in their bowl. The conclusion was obvious after they gave it some thought. They needed to find a way to cook and preserve real food for dogs. The result is a brand of both wet and dry food which contains authentic taste and nutrition because it’s coming from real food. The chicken or beef flavor comes from actual chicken and beef. The appearance of healthy veggies is because there are healthy veggies there. And in the end it’s one of the best ways to look out for both the physical and emotional health of one’s dogs.

Fighting Back With Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin has been fighting for those in need even before he has became an attorney. Dan has always led a life of standing up for the victim, which is why before becoming a personal injury attorney, he fought the mean streets of some of the toughest cities as a police officer. Now he is fighting back in the courtroom, through the law offices of Dan Newlin.

Dan has offices that serve Florida and Illinois for wrongful death, personal injury, medical negligence and so much more. What began as a small corner office has grown to a multi-state group helping victims throughout Florida and Illinois. Even before working for the sheriff’s department in Orange County, Florida, he worked in New Chicago and Indiana Police and Fire Department. His love for the law field continued and grew when he relocated to Florida and began going to the Florida State College of Law.

He has received numerous recognition regarding his services in the fugitive unit by the United States Marshalls Office. Dan has held his reputation for fighting for the victims through capturing fugitives and now recovering funds for personal injury lawsuits. He brings his expertise along with many other experienced attorneys, with assisting and consulting others. His not afraid to fight for what belongs to his clients, and he serves areas of Florida and Illinois, committing himself to ensure victims are awarded what is due to them.

Dan knew that at the age of 20, when he joined the police force, that he wanted to participate as a civil servant helping others. This went from being a detective with the Narcotics division, then to becoming an attorney. He has worked from backing a slain police officer to a teenager that became brain dead.

Newlin, is a top first class attorney that has a sole purpose of fighting for others. Through decades of serving the community, he has created and upheld his name that provides a moral turpitude of his commitment to serve and fight to recover what belongs to his clients. Which is an extension of when he worked in auto theft division as an officer of the law.

This group of attorneys will do everything in their power to help injured victims. In fact, he negotiated an easier way to contact him and remember his number. After, multiple dealings with several carriers he now attains the rights to #Dan. This has created an innovated frenzy across social media to put him at forefront of a new view on technology with the use of abbreviated dial code.

The New Wave Of Techs and TOWN Residential is Changing the Face of NYC

Over the past 10 years, everyone has been affected by the tech movement, even if your most recent jump into the Tech Age was only to get a Smartphone. Now, in New York, which is a tech hub of the world, the situation is amplified. Tech companies are moving into New York, and the city embracing the tech movement and the real estate landscape is changing dramatically.

Here are four ways that modern technology is affecting the real estate market in NYC.

1) More tech companies are looking for real estate, which makes the demand much greater than the supply. Prices are going up, but, in 2014, they are leasing 19 percent of commercial property.
2) The incoming Tech companies are looking for unique space, not the traditional street-level stores. Their unique needs lead them to floor plans with loft spaces, rooftops, and exposed brick walls, and landlords are transforming their properties to develop the kind of area that these renters are looking for.
3) The Techs bring a fresh outlook on the old city. With the new perspective on retail and company spaces, they have brought a new energy into the retail scene of NYC. For, instance, the garment district of yesterday is now buzzing with plenty of new excitement.
4) Residential areas in the suburbs of NYC are becoming trendy. Some of the techies have enough to live in Manhattan, but many of them have moved into the suburbs where they are renovating homes and apartments and uncovering hot spots to “hang out.” This influx of a younger, trendy, college-educated people has also created a new economy from unexpected areas.

TOWN Residential sees this spark in NYC real estate and economy as exciting and their logo, which is “My Town, Our Neighborhood, Your Home” will lead them right into the new transformation of New York real estate. In five short years, TOWN Residential has become a leading agent in luxury real estate.

TOWN is an integral part of the NYC apartments for sale landscape and the new perspective that the techs have brought in is all about the new contemporary lifestyle. TOWN is all about renovating an apartment/condo in a spacious, luxurious and modern style that makes room for comfort and a sense of ease.

Life consists of seasons that come and go, built on the previous level; it’s called the ripple effect. TOWN is completely excited about the new face the techs are putting on the City.

Purina Dog Food Advises On How To Choose The Right Dog

Purina dog food is a famous dog food company, particularly because of their brand Beneful that is extremely popular with pet parents who want the best for their furry animal children. Both Purina and Beneful are known for loving animals and this is why their food is designed keeping the happiness and satisfaction of pets in mind. Pets, no matter how picky they are in their eating habits, love Purina and Beneful.

Purina has a number of dog experts who do their best to ensure that pet parents are choosing the best options for their pets. However, a lot of people make the mistake of choosing the wrong breed that doesn’t match their personality. This is why, in the following points, Purina dog food experts help pet parents make the right decision –

Fit Dogs – For people who are fitness buffs, there are some specific dog breeds that love to sweat it outdoors and tumble in the snow. Labrador retrievers are great examples. Doberman, Border collies, German Shepherds, Dalmatians, English and Irish setters, and Rottweilers are also recommended. All these breeds are medium to large in size and require rigorous daily walks.

Kid Friendly Dogs – Almost every dog loves children, say the experts at Purina. Some breeds, however, just love to spend time with children and love the tiny humans as much as they would love their own puppies. These breeds include boxers and beagles, particularly for highly energetic little children. For slightly older kids who are quiet and gentle, dachshunds are good.

Independent Dogs – As a rule, all dogs love to have people around. They want companionship and feel sad when they are alone. However, certain dog breeds are more independent than others. If you have a busy life and leave the house early to come back in the evening, you can go for a breed like Alaskan malamutes. Another great option is a Russian wolfhound. Chinese Shar Peis are also independent in nature. A great tip offered by Purina dog food experts is to get two dogs so that they can keep each other companies.

Attention Seeking Dogs – If you are home all day and want a dog who would spend time with you and love all the attention that is showered, then you need a breed that doesn’t shirk away from human contact. Pomeranians are good options because they love all the attention. You can also go for toy poodles and French bulldogs. If you don’t mind your dog barking when some stranger approaches the house, you can also go for beagles, American cocker spaniels, and bloodhounds.

Outgoing Dogs – People who love to party, socialize and go out need dogs that share that temperament. Also, the dog needs to be comfortable around people so that you don’t have to worry about your dog biting your friends. Clumber spaniels are the best option for this because they are friendly and outgoing. Other great breeds include Siberian huskies and beagles.

Make sure you serve these breeds the best Purina dog food to keep them fit and happy.

Kenneth C. Griffin: Financial Industry Leader

Ken Griffin, founder of Citadel LLC, may give new meaning to the term “self-made man.” In 1986, after reading an article about the Home Shopping Network in Forbes magazine, Griffin started tinkering with investing from his Harvard dorm room. By his sophomore year, he had done well enough to be entrusted with over $250,000 of his friends and family’s hard earned money. His investment strategies allowed his fund to weather the storms of the 1987 stock market crash, so that by the time his third year of college rolled around, he was able to start a second fund that gave him just over $1 million in funds to manage.

His “Midas’ touch” didn’t stop there, however. Fresh out of University with an Economics degree under his belt, Griffin started Citadel LLC with funding from Frank C. Meyer, an investor and founder of Glenwood Capital LLC. Meyer started Griffin off with a modest $1 million to invest, and is said to have made a 70% return on that initial investment. And Griffin’s personal successes would bear witness to that being a fact rather than mere speculation.

In 2003, at the ripe young age of 34, his personal net worth was estimated to be around $650 million, which gained him his first entry on the Forbes 400 list of wealthiest Americans. Since then he has leap frogged higher and higher on that list every year. As the minimum wealth requirements to make the list soared higher and higher, so did his ranking. Between 2013 and 2014, he jumped 14 spots to land him at 89 in 2014, and between 2014 and 2015, he jumped a full 20 slots to come in at #69 on 2015’s list with a staggering personal net worth of $7 billion.

But far from hoarding his wealth for himself, Griffin has also made a name for himself as a philanthropist and generous contributor to a number of causes, often in record-breaking amounts. In early 2014, he wrote a check to his alma mater for a staggering $150 million – to date the largest single check written. But rather than contributing towards a building being built in his name or some other act of vanity, Griffin earmarked the largest portion of his contribution toward need based financial aid. An avid supporter of charter schools, he has also partnered with the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation to open a charter high school in Chicago, as well as making generous contributions to an experimental education center, also located in Chicago.

In addition to being a savvy investor and generous patron, Griffin is also apparently a great guy to work for. In 2015, Citadel was named as one of the Top 10 Great Workplaces in the Financial Services industry by the Great Places to Work Institute. The ranking was based on a survey taken by Citadel employees, which means that Citadel was actually awarded this honor by its own employees, rather than an outside ranking agency. Griffin was praised highly and was credited for implementing a collaborative work culture and frequently providing generous perks to employees, which included museum tours, free lunches, fitness programs and even personal gifts.

Majeed Ekbal: Exceptional marketing leaders in Chicago

Chicago is turning into the worldwide pioneer in the marketing business sectors for different reasons. First of all, many reputed business firms are being established in this locality and hence Chicago is considered as the global leader in the business sector. Furthermore, in the Midwest region, Chicago has gained an important place and being regarded as the fundamental city. Plus, it has an astounding airport that is well connected to important cities such as Las Vegas, New York, California or Washington D.C. Moreover, many business firms are being set up here, and it has expanded to even marketing, technology, and entrepreneurial sectors.
Fasting growing city
In short, Chicago is the place to be if you want to start a new business or seek the help of trusted experts in marketing and business. On such trusted business leader in Chicago who has practical experience in business and marketing is Majeed Ekbal. He has gained immense knowledge in this field and for quite a long time has been an expert. Thereby, he is quite a famous person in the Windy City. Further to that, he is an innovator, reformer, and leader. Plus, he specializes in SEO analytics, planning implementation, brand awareness, digital marketing, relationship management, business development, healthcare marketing, social media marketing and e-commerce development. Check out Majeed Ekbal’s WordPress site here.
Exceptional innovator
He is a specialist in developing unique marketing strategies and creating and implementing innovative business ideas. Moreover, his company focuses on organization expansion, branding, and financial management. He has demonstrated that he has what it takes to create income and develop complete promoting systems in addition to assembling and showing extensive and distinctive groups. He is additionally in charge of social and digital media campaigns in all the diverse parts of the business. Majeed Ekbal takes care of all aspects of marketing communication and training. He works towards helping their clients to generate more revenue by streamlining their business marketing model.
For the business world, Chicago has produced extremely talented individuals. These people have an extraordinary career path and are successful in their business. For business insurance, Chicago city has the right agents and firms hence more people opt to start their companies here. The city has lots of opportunities for people to be successful and approximately 10 million people stay in this metro area.