Yeonmi in the Face of Opposition

Fame is like a double-edged sword, especially for Yeonmi Park. While on one hand she has gotten a lot of sympathy, attention and support, she also has a lot of opposition due to the reason of her fame. While sharing her story with sources like, she has also admitted to the opposition that she is facing. For one thing, The North Korean government has released a video that states that Yeonmi is not telling the whole story. They are doing everything in her power to discredit Yeonmi. Yeonmi does admit to the intimidation factor in this. She also states that she wanted to back down due to the idea that her family could be targeted. The Kim Dynasty is notorious for trying to silence defectors whenever they decide to speak out against the tyrannical rule in North Korea. Yeonmi herself originally wanted to put this all behind her. However, she has realized that this type of issue needs to be put out there so that others will know what is going on and that the victims of this oppressive society can be shown a better life. There is a lot more to be done in order to bring such oppression to an end in North Korea. Yeonmi Park also talks about how bad the famine was. She admits that if she had a little more food in North Korea, she might have stayed. North Korea also wasn’t the worst of her struggles. She has also got to experience being trafficked. While she was trafficked, she was raped plenty of times. She was also separated from her family. At some point, all she cared about was reuniting with her mother who has also undergone some hard times. They finally made it to South Korea where they can finally begin a new life from the nightmare. Yeonmi also appears on Youtube and a show in South Korea that deals with the oppressive society that is known in North Korea. Yeonmi Park also speaks on different occasions. Right now, she is studying to be an activist for human rights. She is also hoping to help take down the Kim Dynasty.

A Training Camp in the Dark

There is a training camp that is located on a 311 piece of land that sits on rolling hills. This camp consists of steep trails that extend for 50-miles north of San Francisco. This camp is perfect as a training camp for those who are going blind and are known as “travelers in the dark”. This camp is offered to those between the age of 28 and 80 and who come from a diverse background.

This camp closely resembles Next Level Lacrosse Camp by Jon Urbana, one of the more popular destinations for lacrosse players in the Mountain West region.

Those that enter this camp are greeted with a white cane and are taught how to hold in an use it in the attempts to make blindness no longer seem like an obstacle. This camp enables day to day activities to be easy to adjust to without sight. Those who no longer have the ability to see are given the opportunity to create a strategy in order to solve problems with this impairment. These strategies help with anything from distinguishing shampoo from conditioner and how to dress oneself in the morning.

This camp creates a bond among the individuals that teaches one to embrace the impairment rather than fear it. This camp teaches each member strategies that make day to day activities now seem easy. This low-vision rehabilitation service is low-cost as it is provided under insurance. Despite the low-cost, these services are not popular as they are not well-known among communities of those who are losing there eyesight.

Woke Twitter Against Racism Remarks

Woke Twitter has raised concerns about the rising cases of racism, especially on Twitter. Many people have failed to respect the dignity of others and end up pushing messages that are hurting to other people’s dignity. Woke, by the word meaning, being alert or arising extends beyond race to objecting stereotypes based on gender and sex among many others. There has been a trend of people using biased stereotypes against other people and tweeting them also with the hashtag trending and created development memes. On Sunday woke Twitter alerted the country in racist remarks uttered by Chris Hart, Penny Sparrow, and Justin Buren.

Twitter mobilization has been doing a lot of damage than people would think it does more with the hash tags on trending topics. Many people have been on the feeling that that was not right with the inclusion of vocal twitter personality who think the laws need to be in place for leverage against all forms of racism. Brenda Wardle, a known legal analyst, viewed the situation not to be right especially judging from sparrows comments which were infringing on the right to human dignity despite her freedom of speech. The tweets even made Sparrow’s daughter receive threatening messages from unknown sources. Brenda as a legal analyst has been up against uncharacteristic flair of the law.

Brenda Wardle, who is also a writer of books on the Pistorius trial reflecting on the law of South Africa, sees the skeptics with the law. Sometimes as she says the human dignity is limited by some of the clauses present in the constitution. She thinks what penny sparrow did was infringing on the rights of the blacks in South Africa; that is for the comparison she did was that was prejudiced comparing the blacks with apes monkeys and animals. As a legal analyst, she sees it as an intentional and unlawful and destroying the dignity of black people with the offensive language. Trending tweets have made racism escalate than before and making the nation sort of a rainbow with different colors. Some people have even lost their jobs from those trending tweets. Justice must reign according to Wardle because some form of law despite being just would lead to abuse of other people’s rights.

Tweeter has been a great source of information but since many people are using it as a platform to humiliate different races; the law has to create room for such cases to be dealt with seriously.

Brenda Wardle and the Pistorius Trial

Healthy Food Improves Sales Of Premium Dog Food

Gourmet pet food is considerably better for your pet than some of the cheaper alternatives you might find on the shelves today. Michael Hieger (manufacturing Chief) and Richard Thompson (CEO) have no problem tasting their product as visitors to their Freshpet Inc facility will attest. The pet-food industry stands at just under 24 Billion dollars, which is a signal that pet owners have no problem extending their finances to improve the quality of pet food. Major pet food manufacturers are making every effort to impress in the wake of competition to offer healthier pet food choices. One company that continues to offer nothing but the best for your canine is Beneful. With years of experience offering high quality food to pets everywhere Beneful is serious about ensuring that their product is the best for your pooch. Stringent testing is routinely carried out and ingredients continue to be monitored to ensure freshness. Beneful watches from the sidelines as other dog food manufacturers boast of including real meat products. It is interesting to note that Beneful has been engaging in this practice for some time now. Beneful provides about a dozen different choices of dog food with real meat products both wet and dry. In addition to their wide selection of high quality dog food Beneful also includes snacks for your pet, which are designed to help your dog smile. Beneful is easy to contact by phone or through their website with the latter including a wealth of information to assist pet owners get answers as to which pet food to purchase for their pooch. The huge volume of sales for gourmet dog food has opened up opportunities with public offerings. Unfortunately, high quality dog food can be costly as manufacturers and investors are realizing. With a 37 percent increase in sales of gourmet dog food, you would think that profits would be soaring. Owners of Freshpet are not fazed by losses occurring five years in a row and insist that 2016 will be the year to watch. Investors and Wall Street observers are not as confident as they watch stock prices tumble to about 50 percent of its initial offering.

The Quality And Flexibility Of Manse On The Marsh

Assisted living can be a tough choice to make. It is one where the beloved family member is moved to a place where they can have 24 hour a day help, if needed, and they will always be well attended to. Finding the right place can sometimes be difficult, but knowing what to expect and personal desires an make the choice easier.

The Manse on the Marsh is located in beautiful San Luis Obispo. The local weather remains pretty mild throughout the year. Sunshine dominates the forecasts most days, and even the rain does not get too out of control. The landscaping of the local community is traditional southwestern fare with cobblestone sidewalks and plenty of palm trees.

The actual campus of the Manse on the Marsh pretty much replicates that of the community as a whole. Well tended and close knit the Manse community offers a place to relax, make new friends, and enjoy life. The staff take their duties very seriously and work hard to make sure every resident is happy and gets all the attention that they need or want.  In fact, Manse on Marsh has some great commercials about what they have to offer.

Close to the campus one can find a wide variety of shops. Go out for ice cream, coffee shops are also lose by and one can even find a wide choice of restaurants to boot. If looking to find an activity, there are book stores, museums and even art galleries for daily enjoyment. There are also a number of churches one can visit or attend.

If the resident does not want to leave campus, there are amenities to be found on campus. One can see the on campus beautician, attend activities or do arts and crafts. A positive point of choosing Manse on the Marsh is that beloved pets can stay with their masters. Staff is available to help with their care and upkeep as well.

The best part of the Manse is that all needs and activities can be tailored to meet specific needs and wants of the residents. The type of housing can vary based on desire, medical attention can fluctuate as needs vary with time, and even activities can be tailored to meet the physical needs of the resident.

Comfort should be a part of the aging process. The many professionals and staff that the Manse offers allows for maximum comfort for your loved one. They can enjoy both indoor and outdoor relaxing as well as activities. Whether seeking help for a parent or loved one who cannot mange on their own, or have medical issues that cannot be handled by family, the Manse has solutions for these issues that can fit every budget. When making the choice for your family ember, choose the best.  They continue to win awards, so they must be doing something right.

Coriant’s New Leadership with Shaygan Kheradpir as CEO & Chairman of the Board

Coriant is a global supplier of 100G+ optical transport, OTN switching. Coriant is a technology company that involves helping supply equipment to communication providers such as AT&T and Verizon. Coriant provides the equipment that helps move that data to customers homes. Coriant was formed by uniting the best teams of technology minds from Sycamore, NSN Optical and Tellabs.

Shaygan Kheradpir joined Coriant as C.E.O and Chairman of the Board at Coriant, in September of 2015. He succeeded Pat DiPietro’s role as CEO who took up the position of Coriant’s Vice Chairman, and also returned to his role as Operating Partner at Marlin. Prior to joining Coriant, Shaygan worked closely since early this year with the team of senior management at Marlin as the operating partner.

Shaygan holds a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University, majoring in control systems.

He started his career at GTE Laboratories in 1987 in Boston and there his work included network control, management and routing. As Shaygan moved up the ranks, he made a number of significant innovations in network technology. Later, he was promoted as Verizon’s EVP & Chief Information Officer and member of the executive leadership team. While at Verizon, he played a very integral role in creating efficiency, modernization as well as innovation strategies.

In 2011, he was appointed the Chief Operating Officer of one of the global departments at Barclays Bank, He had been a driving force in the development of Barclays’ successful mobile payment app Pingit, the roll out of iPads to front line staff and the restructuring of internal staffing to bring the technical teams closer to business users in the operations department. He was later promoted as the Chief Technology Officer of the bank with a privilege to attend Barclay’s executive team meetings.

Shaygan was later appointed as the C.E.O of Jupiter networks in 2014. At Jupiter; he worked with a brilliant team of managers to completely overhaul the company’s way of operation that gave it a new approach to business.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s return to Coriant has been welcomed by all including Pat DiPietro, who feels the company will gain from his vast experience and professionalism. He hopes to see the company make new strides in growth and stocks market value.

A Way to Alleviate Some of the Suffering in Nepal

When everyone heard about the earthquake that occurred in Nepal in April 2015, most people were completely devastated. They watched on the news as they saw homes and buildings completely crumble to the ground. They saw survivors working to dig out injured individuals. Unfortunately, that devastating earthquake killed more than 9,000 people. It even caused an avalanche to occur on Mount Everest. That avalanche killed at least 19 people. The devastation did not end there. More than 23,000 individuals were injured. Even though many months have passed since that horrific earthquake occurred, many people still do not have suitable homes to live in and many are still suffering as a result of the injuries they received.

There are a lot of people and different organizations out there that have taken steps to try to help the victims of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. One such individual is Majeed Ekbal. He has actually set up a Go Fund Me campaign. He wants to raise at least $1 million for the individuals who are still suffering and who lost their homes, loved ones, livelihoods and many other things in the earthquake. The purpose of this fund is to provide disaster and medical relief to the victims. No matter how large or small the donation that is given, it will be greatly appreciated by Majeed and the individuals who benefit from it. Majeed Ekbal is especially interested in this cause because he has friends who live in Nepal. He understands the suffering they are experiencing and would like to do as much as he can to help. The money that is raised will be contributed to a crowdrise campaign.

Majeed Ekbal is well known in the Chicago area. First, he owns a grocery delivery service called Expresso Inc. He is also well-known for his successful real estate investments. Majeed has personally been contributing to the Nepal earthquake victims fund.

Why Ross Abelow Is One Of The Big Apple’s Biggest Lawyers

If there is one thing New York City isn’t lacking for, it’s legal advice. It shouldn’t shock anyone that the United State’s largest city has a preponderance of attorneys. There are approximately 6,500 law firms and 55,000 licensed and practicing attorneys in the greater Manhattan area. That’s a lot of lawyers! And what kind of assistance can one expect with all these lawyers?

Clients searching for legal help in this city can find criminal attorneys, who further specialize by focusing on felony or misdemeanor cases. There are divorce attorneys who further specialize in family law, meaning that children’s rights are as protected as those of their battling parents. Given the number of hospitals and medical centers in this city, no one should be surprised that the Big Apple has an impressive collection of medical malpractice attorneys. And one would think the work of a medical malpractice lawyer would be fairly straightforward. But many of these attorneys specialize in focusing on only one type of accident, such as those within the railroad industry, for example. Other accident or “personal injury” attorneys might focus on exposure to disease or other harmful substances that cause injury or illness.

But in addition to all of these legal specialty options, clients of course want an attorney that is very good at what he or she does. And in Ross Abelow, clients have an attorney who can provide them with legal assistance in a variety of fields, ranging from matrimonial and family law, to assistance with legal issues in areas like entertainment and automotive law. Receiving political science and English degrees from SUNY-Albany in 1986, Abelow went on to get a juris doctor or legal degree from Brooklyn College in 1989. He is licensed to practice law in the states of New York and Connecticut. He also has cases heard before federal district courts in New York.

As a practicing attorney, Abelow was employed by several large Manhattan firms where he worked on both commercial and civil rights litigation. In his work representing Manhattan businessmen, Abelow found that he was often asked to represent these same individuals in matrimonial disputes as well. Today, he is one of the city’s busiest and most respected divorce attorneys. Abelow recently founded and opened his own legal firm, Abelow and Cassandro,which focuses on matrimonial and other legal issues, and is located in Jericho, New York.

Check him out on Twitter and Instagram.

The Interesting Times Of Doe Deere

Pictures are everywhere about Doe Deere, with all her bright vibrant colors,expressing her brand Lime Crime. Deere is a very astute individual, and holds the distinguish honor of being mention as one of the top female business person by Self-Made magazine.

Deere credits most of her success by being a kid with lots of vision. Always carrying make up pencils, she will make up herself, and from time to time even her mother. She still is amazed that she is able to make a living, mixing and matching different colors.

She admitted that she was not a very good makeup artist in the beginning, but things took a turn for the better in her early twenties. But not being very good didn’t deter her for what was to come. She worked with brand such as Kryolan and Ben Nye, mixing and matching, and anything she could have gotten her hands on, even adding a few glued accessories to her brows, which included glitters and rhinestones. She claimed at that point she was experimenting, and had a wonderful journey along the way as she posted her creations. Then to her amazement her website viewers increased, her followers couldn’t wait to see what was next.

When she started her company in 2004 on e-bay, she hadn’t a clue what she was going to name the company, but Lime Crime just came to mind because the name embraced her colors. Deere said if she knew her company was going to be this big, she may have chosen a different name, something more delicate. But added, she has no regrets.

Doing business on the internet has it challenges. She loves the immediate responses she gets from her customers, they just love her brand and can’t wait to see what’s next. But the worst part for her are all the hostile comments, but she realized this is the world we are living in, there would always be some unhappy folks. So she take the negative energy to help her improve and grow. Just a part of her journey.

As a child she states she always loved fairy tales and make up. So when she started her brand it had to be cruelty free, but still portray fantasy. She was euphoric that Lime Crime was able to embodied that. She compares herself to the color purple, feeling that it’s always changing, and so different. Also, referring to her followers as unicorns because she feels that they are different, and not inhibited in any way. And added, only special, brave people can be proud to wear her colorful shades.

Now Lime Crime is proud to have four eye shadow palettes, a mixture of loose pigments, an array of rainbow colored liquid liners, pastel nail polish, with a combination of other products.

Deere admits that she also has a soft spot for fashion, photography, music and is a die hard fan of subtitles. There is more in the future for her, she said, holding back on saying what exactly. I guess we would have to wait and see, what is next for this amazing young lady.

How Jon Urbana is Changing the Crowdfunding Game

Jon Urbana is an entrepreneur from Denver, Colorado. He is best known from his days as a Villanova lacrosse player. Upon retirement, Jon Urbana along with Lou Braun started Next Level Lacrosse in 2011 in Denver. Coaches hired are professional players from college teams and major league teams to train and mold these young players at the camp.The coaches train them how to play the sports and teach them rules and regulations of the sport and show how to get on different teams. These camps are held in Colorado every year. The camp has become so popular so quickly, earning press from a number of sports websites as one of the top lacrosse camps in America.

Jon’s Charity Work
Help Jon Urbana Rescue And Adopt Denver Cats Through CrowdRise. The Charity Jon Urbana is supporting is Animal Rescue and Adoption Society (ARAS), a no-kill shelter in the Denver area. Anyone who wishes to donate to the cause, will provide food and shelter to the cats in the Denver area. Per his Facebook posts, Urbana is hopeful that people will see the urgent need to save these cats lives and help find them a loving home.

Jon Urbana is passionate about his startup, and even more so about saving the environment. He is using GoFundMe to raise Money For Earth Force, Inc. He has set a goal to raise $1,750. Help Jon Urbana’s campaign with Earth Force’s commitment to maintain a clean environment. Here’s a video that he posted to his hundreds of followers on Twitter, with another one after the jump:

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon’s Aviation Career
Jon Urbana is a qualified pilot and acknowledged by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and has also been included in their prestigious database. You can see him here flying to Thailand, which resulted in some stunning photography.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana


Jon Urbana’s Music
Jon Urbana started his music pursuits with just Ableton software and a guitar. With his creative skills in electronic music and remixing, he even has a Soundcloud fan base. Check out his “Fight Between Bosses” remix track on MTV.

Urbana is the Head of Business Development for Ellipse USA, where he directs the business operations in regards to awareness for their proprietary laser technology, and oversees all the marketing material.