The Midas Legacy Offers Financial Advice And Beyond

Many firms only deal with financial advice. They help people make decisions on how to use their finances and leave it at that. The Midas Legacy goes above and beyond the financial advice. While they do tell people how they can save up for retirement, they don’t limit themselves to this service. They offer a surprising range of services for life improvement. They offer services to entrepreneurs on They even offer advice on how to improve emotional well being. This is something that one would not expect from an advisory firm. However, The Midas Legacy understands that every aspect of life is important. One area of life can actually affect the other. For instance, mental and emotional problems can give way into financial problems.

Because they refuse to limit their services, they do not limit the people that they help. While they do help with investment decisions, they also help entrepreneurs set goals in what they can do in order to reach potential customers. They even go beyond to help people live a healthier life through diet and exercise. They also seek to help people pursue holistic forms of treatment for any condition they have.

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The Midas Legacy is very unique in that they are willing to help with any and every aspect of life. Among the services they offer include helping people become better and happier. They offer advice on how one should treat others in order to feel better about themselves. Of course money management is something that is taught by the experts of the firm.

Anyone who seeks any type of life can benefit from The Midas Legacy. They are also involved in giving to charitable organizations on Deal Biscuit. After all, one of the best ways they teach is through example. The Midas Legacy definitely practices what they preach in living a peaceful and generous life among others. They understand the importance of making sure one’s own life is in order so that he can help others. Among the charities they give to are Salvation Army, St Jude Children’s Hospital, and plenty of other charities. They work towards actually bringing a greater standard of living to various cultures.

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How The Securities and Exchange Commission Protects its Informants

The United States Congress brought a game changer in the financial laws when they passed the Consumer Protection Act and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform in 2010. These acts were the first changes to be made since the Great Depression. Many improvements were made by the Dodd-Frank Act, and this includes the formation of an effective program that is meant to protect SEC whistleblowers. The whistleblower plan will be providing an assured job security to the informant and also a financial incentive for any individuals who offers useful information to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on any organization that is operating against the federal securities laws.

There has been the formation of new law firms that are solely devoted to offering legal service to the whistleblowers who provide information to the SEC since the important rules were implemented. One of these highly dedicated firms is the Lebaton Sucharow law firm. It was a pioneer company in the sector and is currently well established. The organization comprises of a well-structured platform for securities litigation, a world-class in-house team of investigators that operates by the Whistleblower Representation Practice and forensic accountants who have ample knowledge on the state and federal laws and can offer outstanding representation. The new business of the company is controlled by Jordan A. Thomas, who once held executive positions at the SEC. He was an Assistant Director of the institution, and he also served as the Division of Enforcement’s Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel. Jordan played vital roles in the creation of the Whistleblower Program and its implementation during his tenure at the SEC.

The laws of the program indicate how the whistleblower should be rewarded. The SEC is required to give 10-30 percent of the money that it receives as penalties due to information or action fo the whistleblower. The threshold of the sum collected is set at one million dollars and if there is more money that will be received as sanctions though other law enforcement and regulatory agencies the whistleblower is entitled to more money. The Doff-Frank Act makes it illegal for any employer to try and revenge to the whistleblower because of offering information to the SEC. Individual, who would like to provide information to the SEC, can use the representation of attorneys for them to stay anonymous. The public can learn more about the SEC Whistleblower Program through the SEC Whistleblower lawyers, which can be reached via the organization’s website, emails and telephone calls.

Historian and Writer Michael Zomber

Micheal Zomber is a well known historian, writer and filmmaker. He specializes in discussing the history of American Civil War arms and Japanese samurai era swords. With his knowledge he has been able to talk about this to a number of media sources including the History Channel. Michael has provided viewers with in depth information about the weapons used during the American Civil War and the Japanese samurai period. As well as being an avid collector and historian on weapons, Michael has also made films along with written a number of stories about the two eras. Therefore he has not only studied the weapons of these time periods but has also been able to provide an audience with entertaining accounts of these two historical eras. Along with being a historian, writer and filmmaker, Zomber is also an activist for peaceful causes that pertain to preventing warfare and helping those who have been negatively affected by it.

As stated on Facebook, Zomber has collected guns and other arms from the American Civil War era along with samurai swords. When studying these weapons he also learned about the time periods and how these weapons were used during the armed conflicts that occurred. After studying these weapons he would then look to share his knowledge to others. One of the ways he did this is by talking about his knowledge with media outlets in order to provide people with enlightening information. Michael would often talk about the significance of these armed conflicts as well as the overall effectiveness of the various guns and swords used. Therefore his knowledge of Civil War and samurai era weapons is quite intriguing to many people that are interested in learning more about these distinct historical time periods.

As well as studying these weapons, Michael has also written a number of screenplays and novels about these two eras. He has also made one of these into a documentary film. Therefore Michael is not just a historian on these time periods but also someone who looks to tell stories. These stories help provide more in depth insight into these historical eras and give people a source of entertainment as well. With the stories, individuals interested in these time periods will experience a lot of satisfaction as they will see battles and conflicts unfold before their eyes.

IAP Worldwide Services; Solutions for Everything

Ingenuity and Purpose (IAP) is a primary provider of facilities management, technical services, global logistics, and professional services, in the world. IAP has been operating for more than six decades and has undergone a significant transformation in its quest to offer global solutions to problems.

IAP Worldwide Services is active in at least 20 nations in the world. It also provides employment to close to two thousand people. Their primary role is coming up with real solutions for the most challenging situations in the world in both private and public sectors. The company was founded in 1953 and was known as Pan Am World Services, Inc. The company was responsible for setting up the first space launch station in the United States. The company carried out at least 2,500 test launches to ensure the safety of space travel.

Pan Am World Services was procured by Johnson Controls, Inc. in 1990. This merger birthed Johnson Controls Worldwide Services. The company then enhanced its status as a global player in managing military camps among other major facilities. JCWS set down to come up with visionary ideas for their growing number of clients to conserve energy in their businesses and homes.

IAP Worldwide Services came into existence later though the values never changed. The company still held up its promise of giving the best solutions to their consumers. The company’s mission remains coming up with answers for the world’s most difficult challenges. The company has set four guidelines to enable the realization of its mission. They rely on agility, focus, capabilities and commitment to ensure success.

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The company also has a set of values set down in their charter. Staying true to these values gives IAP the edge in its operations, enabling them to achieve good results. Some of the values are; acting humbly and with integrity always, portraying leadership qualities in all activities, but still be ready to follow, working with responsibility in everything, keep wanting to learn and grow, and also allowing ourselves and others to be happy.

Earlier in 2016, IAP was selected as one of the recipients of the $975 million set aside by USAF to help tackle global threats and narcotics. While accepting the assistance, the CEO and Director of the company, Doug Kitani, stated that IAP was ready to tackle harder challenges for the best interests of the United States and its friends.

The company has run many military operations in the past. In the 90’s, Ingenuity and Purpose participated in delivering generator supplies to U.S soldiers during the Operation Desert Storm in Saudi Arabia. This association helped create trust with the military and hence, the company has always been awarded contracts from the Army.

Ingenuity and Purpose is a company that promises to keep growing as days go by. The world is also confident of getting help in coming up with master solutions for the most challenging situations.

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Beneful Makes Being a Veterinarian Easier

I am a Veterinarian and a proud pet parent. Animals are my life and my livelihood. I am particularly fond of dogs, likely since they have always been part of my personal and professional life. For many years, I have advocated for the health of the animals I care for and provide classes for the pets and pet parents I am fortunate to serve. Beneful by Purinastore makes facilitating the nutrition part of these classes easier by providing consistently excellent products across their brand varieties for the life span of the dog. Beneful Healthy Puppy starts pet parents out in the best possible way by providing the young tykes with 0 of the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. As each month begins to fly by and nutritional needs change, Beneful Originals, made with real meat, in beef, chicken and salmon varieties keep with the same excellent ingredients that I recommend time and again. For smaller breeds, I suggest Beneful IncrediBites and for a flavor change without any loss of nutrients, I suggest the wet dog food variety [] Beneful Chopped Blends or Medleys varieties. Beneful even helps me ensure that portion control is not an issue, with the handy recommended feeding tool available on their Amazon web site. I love working with dogs and the pet parents who care for them. Beneful gives me the food options that I depend on to help keep my patients happy, healthy and thriving at every stage of their lives. Beneful is real meat, 0 of the nutrition and all of the flavor I expect from a dog food, without any of the fillers that dogs and pet parents don’t need. When my patients eat Beneful, I am confident that they are well fed at every meal. When my patients are not fed Beneful, I recommend it so that pet parents and the pets they love can rest assured that nutrition is something they are getting right in every bowl, every time. I appreciate Beneful for making being a Vet and pet parent easier one tasty, nutritious bite at a time.

George Soros and the US Money Reserve Strategy

When it comes to the current economy, there is so much going on that it is hard to tell which direction is up and which is down these days. From the political and economic landscapes to even trying to understand how businesses will adjust, it is anyone’s guess to know where the markets will be in days let alone in weeks to come.

The key to understanding the markets and to actually getting ahead is as follows. Buy low and sell high. If you can actually follow that information then you will be able to get rich beyond belief.  Read more:  U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

However, the one key that is more important than anything else is knowing if you aren’t quick to jump in then you could be buying high and then selling low when the market you are in bottoms out. That’s exactly why it is important to listen to people just like George Soros who have significant amounts of wealth currently investing in the markets.

When George Soros starts to worry then everyone should start to worry. And, when George Soros starts to actually move his money, the it is probably time to run for the hills and take your investments with you. Read more: US Money Reserve Austin TX, 78730

When you think about where you can take your money, then you should continue to listen to George Soros and pay attention when he is recommending gold with the US Money Reserve as a realistic investment. Not only is he recommending it, but he is putting his money where his mouth is and investing in gold as well at the same time.  Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve: and

The US Money Reserve is not just an option for people to invest in to diversify, but it is also something that is extremely important for anyone to consider when they want to actually protect their wealth and ensure that even if things go bad you will still be protected.

When it comes to investing in gold which is such a tremendous asset in bad times to protect your wealth in, then gold truly cannot be beat. Perhaps you should listen to what George Soros is saying and keep an eye out for how the US Money Reserve can help your portfolio.

Sanjay Shah, family man, CEO of Solo Capital and founder of Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah, philanthropist, London billionaire and family man seeking more research for Autism, a neurological disbility. After Sanjay Shah decided medicine wasn’t for him, he became an accountant, working for various investment banks. In 2009, after the financial crises he decided to start his own brokerage company, Solo Capital. Today he now owns approximately a dozen other companies across London, Cayman Islands and Dubai. As of January 2016, Sanjay Shah is estimated to have a net worth of US$280 million. In 2016 he decided that the business was handling itself and took a back seat, considering himself retired. Sanjay Shah’s youngest son, at two years old was taken to the hospital for his inability to keep food down when the doctor suggested seeing a phycologist for his behavior. Little did he and his wife know that food allergies and the behavior his son was showing were signs of Autism. Sanjay Shah jumped head first into getting his son the therapy and care he needed. Hitting a few bumps that included a 5 year wait for therapy, which wasn’t an option, he ended up donating two mini busses to Dubai Autism Centre and financially funded his sons therapy himself. Before his sons diagnosis in 2011, Sanjay Shah sponsored several autistic children in India. Realizing that there were plenty of charities and organizations that gave support to families he decided that it would be in the best interest of the kids on the spectrum to invest his time and money into funding research through his charity, Autism Rocks. Shah, with his connections to friends, businessmen and clients realized he could host a large charity event and could raise a lot of money. At his first event Shah invited 600 people to Café De Paris and raised £200,000 for Autism Rocks. Sanjay Shah combined his love of family and music to create a charity that hosts festivals with activities for families and exclusive concerts to raise money for funding research.


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Putting WEN by Chaz Dean to the Test

WEN by Chaz Dean is a haircare line made up of cleansing conditioners that cater to all hair types. A cleansing conditioner is basically an all in one product. It acts and a shampoo, conditioner, and styling product for your hair. Cleansing conditioners on ebay claim to be less harsh on your hair than traditional shampoo. They leave your hair nourished, soft, and shiny. Wen works an all different hair types, and there are a variety of different formulas to try.

Emily McClure decided to put WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioner to the test in an article she wrote for She decided to test out the cleansing conditioner for seven days on her fine and thin hair. On her first time using the cleansing conditioner she noted that you will need to use a lot more than traditional shampoo. It does not lather. It did leave her hair soft, bouncy, and shiny. By morning on though her hair was already quite oily and greasy. Her hairstyle also didn’t last as long either. She had to wash her hair every morning in order to keep her hair from getting too oily. She did enjoy her hair immediately after washing and styling it. She also noticed less breakage on She said this product is best for people that wash and style their hair every morning. Maybe a different formula would have worked better for her hair type. Also since this product on sephora it so nourishing and moisturizing, it may do best for dry, coarse, and frizzy hair.

Andy Wirth Rejoices As Olympic Valley Incorporation Fails

According to an article by Reno-Gazette Journal, the north shore communities of Lake Tahoe have had it rough the past few years. A catastrophic drought had adverse effects on the winter resorts and small businesses that depended on these communities. On top of the challenge posed by nature, there were political challenges that took the form of an incorporation battle over Olympic Valley Incorporation. This is the home of the most iconic winter sports terrain in North America as well as Squaw Valley Resort.

For Andy Wirth, the good news was that there was relief on both fronts. Andy is the President of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Wirth went on to state how hard the past four years had been. There was help from Mother Nature in the form of early season storms. This, combined with very low temperatures, helped resorts in the area, including Squaw Valley Resort, to open weeks in advance.

On the political front, those backing the incorporation effect formally withdrew from their push to see the incorporation of Olympic Valley. Wirth considered those backing the incorporation as a threat to the business in the area as well as the civic climate. For this reason, Squaw Valley spent large sums of money reported, to be in the hundreds of thousands, in opposing the incorporation efforts.

According to Wirth, the eventual result would have been higher taxes for the residents and decreased levels of services vital to the people of the area such as snow plowing and road maintenance. He went on to add that it would have led to the isolation of Olympic Valley from other communities which come together to pool resources used to deal with regional issues.

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings is planning more residential and commercial development so as to improve its real estate. There are also plans that would see a gondola constructed to connect Squaw to Alpine Meadows ski areas. Following the collapse of the efforts of the incorporation backers, Andy Wirth pointed out that the community needed to work on transportation and other issues with a cohesiveness that extends beyond Olympic Valley.

Andy Wirth is a well-known figure in the tourism industry. His eternal efforts have seen him make the Olympic Valley one of the top global tourist destinations. The Squaw Valley Ski Holdings CEO has also contributed greatly to environmental and community service organizations in his Lake Tahoe area. His focus has always been on improving the area for the benefit of people from all age groups.

Andy Wirth also cofounded the Wounded Warrior Support. This is an Ironman team that was founded after a skydiving accident almost claimed the life of Wirth. The organization offers support to special operations officers and their families when they come back home. For more information about Andy Wirth, click here.

Brad Reifler Advises on Investing

Reuters published five solid tips for regular people who are considering investing. The tips are from Brad Reifler, a highly respected investment adviser and wealth manager looking to expand opportunities for average persons to invest in certain vehicles that will allow their seeds to sprout in a more secure environment than the stock market. Essentially, Reifler advises caution in investing their savings and thinks that it is critically important that people actually understand where their money is going.

Reifler is the current CEO of Forefront Capital Management and call himself a serial entrepreneur. CrunchBase makes clear Reifler first struck it out on his own in the investment world in the 1980s when he founded Reifler Trading Company. He went on to expand from his successful firm and established Pali Capital in 1995. While leading his new firm, Reifler jumped into the global financial scene and established himself as a powerhouse for international investors.

In Reifler’s current role, he is able to advise an even broader spectrum of clients. At Forefront Capital Management, Brad Reifler is shifting the focus of the firm and his work to provide access to investment for regular people. As Reifler explains the reality, very few average people have access to sound investment vehicles because most investment opportunities are targeted towards accredited investors. The Securities and Exchange Commission defines an accredited investor as someone who makes an annual income of more than $200,000 or a total net worth of $1 million or more. What Reifler seeks to do is pool the funds of average people so that their savings are invested in a public fund. In light of the potential for compound returns, a public fund would be expected to generate enough of a return that average investors would be able to reap gains that they would not otherwise have access to.