Brad Reifler Advises on Investing

Reuters published five solid tips for regular people who are considering investing. The tips are from Brad Reifler, a highly respected investment adviser and wealth manager looking to expand opportunities for average persons to invest in certain vehicles that will allow their seeds to sprout in a more secure environment than the stock market. Essentially, Reifler advises caution in investing their savings and thinks that it is critically important that people actually understand where their money is going.

Reifler is the current CEO of Forefront Capital Management and call himself a serial entrepreneur. CrunchBase makes clear Reifler first struck it out on his own in the investment world in the 1980s when he founded Reifler Trading Company. He went on to expand from his successful firm and established Pali Capital in 1995. While leading his new firm, Reifler jumped into the global financial scene and established himself as a powerhouse for international investors.

In Reifler’s current role, he is able to advise an even broader spectrum of clients. At Forefront Capital Management, Brad Reifler is shifting the focus of the firm and his work to provide access to investment for regular people. As Reifler explains the reality, very few average people have access to sound investment vehicles because most investment opportunities are targeted towards accredited investors. The Securities and Exchange Commission defines an accredited investor as someone who makes an annual income of more than $200,000 or a total net worth of $1 million or more. What Reifler seeks to do is pool the funds of average people so that their savings are invested in a public fund. In light of the potential for compound returns, a public fund would be expected to generate enough of a return that average investors would be able to reap gains that they would not otherwise have access to.

Elite Daily is Excited about New Swimwear from Fabletics

An article by Elite Daily’s Emily Arata reported that Kate Hudson’s brand of affordable and fashionable fitness brand, Fabletics, will be adding a line of swimsuits to their collection. The article highlighted unique and exciting facts about the swimsuit line, including the facts that each suit is made from recycled fabrics and offer UV protection – View it thier youtube channel:

The article noted that the line would range in sizes XXS to XXL – this inclusive feature of the line was considered a highlight, as it was mentioned in the article’s title. A new line of summer dresses will also be added to the Fabletics brand.

Fabletics was launched in 2013 and is co-founded by actress Kate Hudson. The brand sells a variety of fun, innovative activewear that look high-end but are sold at budget prices. The website sells outfits specifically for yoga, running, and heading to the gym. Sports bras, leggings, and accessories like yoga mats, boy shorts, and water bottles can also be found on the Fabletics website.

The Elite Daily article explains the process becoming a member of Fabletics; after receiving a first outfit for $25, customers can pay less than $50 a month for an outfit of her choice. Members are allowed to skip a month without being charged if she chooses to do so.

Just Fab said that Fabletics boasts on their website that the price of an outfit ($25) is extraordinarily cheaper compared to the cost of similar outfits from competitors Nike, Lululemon, and Lorna Jane. Fabletics is a subsidiary of JustFab, which also controls Fabkids and FL2, a men’s activewear brand that was founded in 2005 by Kate Hudson’s brother, Oliver. Fabletics ships worldwide and in September 2015, Fabletics opened six brick-and-mortar locations around the United States. More brick-and-mortar locations are set to be opening in the near future.

More information can be found on Fabletic’s website.

Enter Athleisure Style

The article released by Bustle talks about the new style of clothing which is ‘athleisure’ style. It also goes into how one could wear the style so that she could look good and feel good about herself even while working out. This is also a good style on for people that often change their style every few years. Among the things the writer of the article wears athleisure style clothing for is running errands, casual plans for the weekend, and going out. Athleisure clothing is proving to be very versatile when it comes to lifestyle for people. There is one brand on that has brought forth this style.

This brand is Fabletics, a division of JustFab. Fabletics was started by Kate Hudson and a couple of founders in order to make sure that the gap that is left in the fashion industry is accounted for. Also, they have a lot of comfortable clothing that allows people to look good as well as be active. The shoes are especially good products to look into because these styles have comfort that matches their look. One thing that could be very frustrating is that the shoes cause a lot of pain to someone’s foot.

Fabletics on wikipedia has shown that it is not necessary to sacrifice good looks and style in order to be able to do the things that are needed. If anything, the ability to look good while achieving what needs to be achieved is one of the best achievements of Fabletics that one could hope for. For women, it can be very frustrating to have to look for clothes to change into after a good workout in order to look better. Women like to be able to find the simplicity they need for casual styles as well. Fabletics on makes it possible for women to achieve that goal.

Sam Tabar On How To Use Your Hobbies To Become More Efficient At Work

Financial analyst and lawyer Sam Tabar is an Oxford alumnus and has had a prolific career. He has worked with companies like Merrill Lynch and, through his hardwork and dedication, he has ensured that he reaches the place that he is currently in. He is also an investor who has the right eye for ventures that would be successful in the future.

•Travelling Makes People More Confident – By travelling and seeing the world, Sam Tabar has met a variety of people from different cultures and backgrounds. He has made friends at the most unexpected of places and sampled some of the best food. These experiences are irreplaceable in a person’s life and they do a great deal of benefit when it comes to confidence. Young professionals should try to get as much travel as they can, especially during their work. This would ensure that they become better at their jobs.

•Hobbies Keep Stress At Bay – Hobbies, no matter how big or small they are, are known to be good for the soul. They ensure that people manage the stress of work properly. Sam Tabar, for instance, loves planning events in his spare time and he is quite serious about this hobby. Most importantly, though, he has fun when he is pursuing his hobbies and this is what other professionals should vow to achieve. It is a rare person who finds work that doubles up as a hobby and for those who have found their true calling, success shouldn’t be far away, and Sam echoes this on Twitter.

•Concentration Improves In A Stress Free Environment – Finally, concentration at workplace can improve when the mind is relaxed and there is no stress. This can only be achieved by establishing a great work life balance. Meeting with friends for dinner, listening to music from your favorite artist, visiting concerts and openings, reading your favorite magazine and giving a few hours each day to cooking a nice meal are things that can help with work more than professionals think.  There are more tips on Sam’s official website.  Tabar can also be contacted through Thumbtack.

When he is not working, CrunchBase makes it clear Sam Tabar spends most of his time planning events and travelling around the world. For people who want to be as successful in their careers as Sam Tabar, this is an important point to take note of. It is easy to burn out and fizzle away in high stress careers like financial analysis if professionals aren’t careful. Keep your work close but your hobbies closer – should be the motto.  Check him out on GoFundMe to see the work Sam Tabar has done for AWI. Talks About How Great Wen By Chaz

There are a lot of people who have thin hair that is a total mess, and they need to have a better option when they start washing their hair. The article that was released on about how the writer tried the shampoo on her hair, and she took pictures of the whole event.

She gives everyone a long list of problems with her hair, and she is very emotional about her hair with good reason. She is a great person to trust with this, and she is someone who is willing to try the whole thing even if it does not go well. She did not have that problem because she was using less shampoo, taking great pictures and showing that her hair is not shedding anymore.

The story is a great look at how easy it is to use Wen hair, and there are a lot of people who are going to be able to use WEN Hair shampoo to make sure that their hair is going to look better. This means that people will be able to get rid of the thin hair they hate, and they can get their hair to look like the writer’s hair when they are done. The shining quality of her hair is really nice, and it is obvious that she has a lot more volume than normal.

There are some people who are going to be able to use WEN Hair by Chaz Dean to make sure that their hair is going to feel better, and it is going to stop falling out. There is all the evidence in the world that someone who has thin hair can change their thinning hair with Wen hair and they can use very little of it. The shampoo costs a lot less money if purchased on ebay, and it is a lot easier to use than anything else.



Helane Morrison’s Role In Maintaining Integrity In The Financial Sector

There has been a lot of mistrust in the corporate world, and the public has reasons for this mistrust. Many corporate leaders have engaged in corrupt activities that undermine the public interest. When the economy crashed back in 2008, the public began to learn more about this corruption. Of course, not all people in the corporate world have engaged in corrupt activities. Helane Morrison has been a truly ethical corporate executive. Not only does she not engage in the corrupt activities, but she has worked to prevent other corporate leaders from doing so. She currently works as a compliance officer for a major corporation. In this position, she has helped to make sure that others at her company remain bound to ethical standards. 

When the economy crashed, people’s worldview was greatly changed. There was less trust in large banks. The level of trust in those on Wall Street has plummeted. People are still highly mistrusting of corporate executives. Also, despite some signs of recovery, people still tend to be pessimistic about the economy. 

Helane has reached success in the corporate world entirely from her own hard work. She has worked hard to get to where she is today. She spent her life growing up in Brooklyn, New York. However, she left Brooklyn to go to college in Illinois. She attended Northwestern University to study journalism. Then, she continued on with graduate studies at Berkley in California. Ultimately, she took the bar exam and passed. As a lawyer, Helane Morrison did quite well. While she originally worked for the US Circuit of Appeals, she ultimately started her own practice. In her own practice, she demonstrated a high level of competence as a lawyer. During her law career, Helane Morrison was very hard at work of fighting corruption. 

However, Helane Morrison did not remain in the legal world. Instead, she made the transition to working in the financial sector. She became the compliance officer for Hall Capital. She makes sure that the employees of Hall Capital use ethical, legal business practices. Hall Capital is a very large financial institution, and she makes sure that no one in the organization is engaged in corrupt activities. Also, the organization she works for sets a good example in the business world. Hall Capital is a large financial organization whose management is dominated by women. In addition, Hall Capital maintains a policy of workplace diversity. In this sense, Hall Capital sets a positive example for the rest of the financial sector.

Freedom Pop Offers Highly Competitive Global Roaming

Mobile phone provider FreedomPop has managed to raise another fifty million dollars in venture funding. The upstart mobile phone and data service provider has rattled the mobile phone market by offering free and low cost data plans for customers as an alternative to big name carriers such as T-Mobile and Verizon. FreedomPop aims to use its latest infusion of cash to begin marketing and selling a global hotspot program.

The global hot spot program offered by FreedomPop looks to be highly competitive and advantageous for customers. It aims to offer consumers local flat rates when they travel to another country. Right now big name carriers like AT&T charge exorbitant rates when their customers travel abroad and use their carrier there. FreedomPop’s global hotspot program is another move aimed at disrupting the dominance of mega carriers. It is also a way that FreedomPop can get a bigger share of the mobile phone and data service market.

How does FreedomPop plan to offer its customers access to local rates when traveling abroad? CEO Stephen Stokols says that the firm is working to negotiate deals with local carriers and data providers who will be part of the FreedomPop global hotspot program. The global hotspot program is slated to be available in 25 countries where FreedomPop currently has a presence in. The mobile phone provider also plans to expand the number of countries where the global hotspot program will be available in the future.

FreedomPop’s global hotspot program is expected to cost around $50 and can be used everywhere where the mobile phone carrier has service in. A sim card for unlocked phones will only cost around $10. The fifty million raised in funding will also go towards developing customer service. FreedomPop has been overwhelmed in its customer service department, because of the company’s rapid expansion. For more information about the latest round of funding of FreedomPop check out this article on Recode.

George Soros Predictons on the Energy Market

Billionaire hedge fund owner George Soros is an investor who always seems to be several steps ahead of the game. That’s why when he talks, investors tend to listen. Of course we all don’t have billions in the bank to invest wherever we please, but it seems worthwhile to pay attention to the trends that one of today’s most wildly successful investors is following.
Just recently, Soros’ company, Soros Fund Management, sold off a huge amount of it energy shares. In fact, the company sold all its shares in Chevron, Chesapeake Energy) and also all of NRG Energy .

Does Soros know something we don’t know about where energy is going today? Of course no one has a crystal ball as far as energy prices go, and this year has seen extreme volatility in prices. Experts say that the week ahead should provide some real sense as to whether or not Soros is on target in ridding himself of his oil investment shares.

Prices have surged upward recently, as an agreement was reached between Saudi Arabia and Russia to freeze prices. Prices fell again, however, when Iran rejected the proposal for a freeze, and since Iran has one fifth of the world’s oil, their position has a major impact on the situation. If Iran puts more oil in circulation (as it has threatened to do in retaliation for sanctions) it will have a huge impact on prices.

Energy pricing is a problematic situation. The very low prices we’ve been experiencing of late are helping consumers to save a considerable amount of money and in turn is helping keep consumer confidence up. Yet because the oil industry supports over 9 million jobs, a downturn in prices could have an adverse economic effect overall.

Some of the most significant energy companies (including Sunoco, Linn Energy and Sandridge Energy) are set to post earning information this week, which should help clarify the overall outlook. Along with these reports, more information is due from the U.S. Energy Information Administration as to the oil rig count. The latest data showed the rig count going down for nine weeks in a row, which is not good news for the industry.

Soros has long been known for the prescience and accuracy of his predictions, which is why he has long been a voice that investors listen to. This week should bring clarity as to whether his predictions are spot on again, as relates to the volatile energy market.

How Major Healthcare Development And Management Companies Like Nobilis Health Corp. Operate.


When Northstar decided to change its name to Nobilis Health Corp. (NHC-TSX), its management explained that it was a move that was aimed at expanding its operations in the United States. The organization wanted to increase both its markets and its stock sales in the American stock exchange market. This surely paid off. Nobilis Healthcare is a private firm that offers healthcare services majorly surgery and acute care in the United States. This firm owns and operates numerous surgical centers and surgical hospitals across the United States and is one of the best care providers in the country.

They have gradually grown from being just a small entity in the healthcare arenas into being one of the biggest companies in healthcare. This is a very impressive track record in their growth. Nobilis Healthcare is best known for its strong track record in management and administration. In September 2014, the First Nobilis Hospital was purchased by the healthcare company at a whopping $7.5 million in cash. September seems to be a magic month for them; they also acquired 60% in stake and management control of what was the Freedom Pain Hospital. The formerly Freedom Pain Hospital is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and it cost then around $3.2-million to be part of it. Nobilis Health sees a big opportunity in increased need for surgical procedures especially by the senior population of United States.

To be able to run a surgical and an acute care center a lot of factors need to be in play. This is because the life of nearly everyone who walks into the center depends on critically on what you do at the center. An acute care and surgical center care determines whether a patient goes to live longer or loses his life shortly after arriving at the center. These centers require top-notch management teams to run them. A management team that understands the vital role these centers play. A management team that is willing to support it. On top of that professional staff are very essential. It needs highly qualified professional staff with a lot if experience in handling critical patients and undertaking major surgical procedures. This health development and management companies also need to have highly specialized equipment that can handle cases like spine surgery, orthopedic surgery, and podiatry. A major seller for such healthcare center is their cost. This centers should be as affordable as they can be to increase their client number. Nobody would go to a center that risks running them bankrupt.



Sailing With Beneful and Our New Dog

My husband and I decided to move on to a boat. It was small and comfortable for us but something was missing. We wanted a pet so very badly but the boat was not large enough to accommodate a large dog. We got a bird and the bird’s name is Buddy. He talks and sings all day long. He loves to give kisses. He thinks he is part of the human race. With all of this, we still longed for a dog. We longed for a dog to cuddle up to us on the couch.

We went to the pet store but was unsuccessful in finding a dog. We looked online but nothing was there. We checked out every known classified pet ad we could find until finally, he appeared. Out of nowhere, this little dog appeared. He took over our life. The baby we no longer had in our life. This cute and cuddly little pooch was now a major part of our lives. After a trip to the Vet, we went to the pet store. He got all these new toys, a new bed, bowls, and Beneful. The puppy food and the bed were his favorite gifts. This wonderful addition to our lives has made our lives complete. We take him sailing and he loves the boat. Beneful is going to be our go-to food for his whole life. It is full of the vitamins and minerals that our baby needs to keep him healthy.

According to a news article in the Daily Herald, there are going to be several new foods hitting the market this year. Each of these foods will be made with natural ingredients. Carrots, green beans, avocado, and berries will mix with beef, chicken, and salmon to make the Beneful version. Beneful and others are taking the foods back to the time of the wild. Wild bird and wild game are some of the ingredients in one of the new mixes. Dog food with fresh ingredients and fresh vegetables are going to hit the market soon. There is big hope that these new foods will increase the profit margins by millions. Check out the article to see some of the newer mixes coming soon.